Recovery Connections

John Schwary is CEO of Transitional Living Communities, an 850-bed recovery program he founded in Mesa, Arizona January 9, 1992, when he had a year sober. He's in his 28th year of recovery.

In these posts, he views life mostly through the lenses of recovery. While the blog is factual, he often disguises events and people to protect anonymity.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Our halfway house program has never solicited cash donations. Nor do we receive government grants or funding.

We raise our cash the old fashioned way - by working for it.

The one thing thing we do solicit though, is building material and supplies. And the community richly blesses us.

Businesses large and small kick in all year around. Stucco, sheet rock, flooring, paint, wiring, shingles, windows. You name it, and someone has given it to us.

We also get help from the medical community. We have many clients with dental issues from using meth and other drugs. We have 30+ dentists who give their time and expertise.

Also, we have several eye doctors who help with eye exams and glasses.

Much of our furniture, including mattresses, comes from hotels that are upgrading their properties. It's not uncommon for us to get 200 mattresses, dressers, or tables and chairs in one donation.

A large religious organization gives us thousands of dollars in vouchers each year. Clients can use them to buy clothes in second hand stores they operate.

I bring this up because this week we were looking for Thanksgiving turkeys. And, as "luck" would have it, our donation coordinator accidentally ran into a former graduate who manages a grocery chain. A man who had been at TLC years ago. He'd been sober all this time. And of course was happy to give us turkeys at cost.

It's amazing how these things just happen.

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