Recovery Connections

John Schwary is CEO of Transitional Living Communities, an 850-bed recovery program he founded in Mesa, Arizona January 9, 1992, when he had a year sober. He's in his 28th year of recovery.

In these posts, he views life mostly through the lenses of recovery. While the blog is factual, he often disguises events and people to protect anonymity.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Can't Stop

It was in June of 2010 when I made a decision to write a blog. It was while on vacation in San Diego. At first it wasn't going to be a long term project.

It was going to be a way to practice writing each day. Even if it was something dumb or inane. Just a way to practice. Kind of like mental push ups.

And now, 2,100 days later I'm still at it. Haven't missed a day. Though I came close a few times. Once when I was in the hospital. And another time when I was in Mexico and couldn't figure out the wifi.

When I started I made a commitment to do a year. Then it turned into another year. Then I said, well, I'll stop at 1000. Now, I don't know.

But for some reason it's hard to stop. Just when I get ready to say enough is enough, a parent will write and thank me for giving  them a different perspective on how to deal with an addict family member.

So then the ego kicks in.  And I think well that's worthwhile because it helped somone, and I keep going.