Monday, December 27, 2021

Back to Reality

Tomorrow is our last full day in paradise, as we're returning to Arizona on the 29th.

I'm sad to leave this beautiful place.  Yet I'm happy to return to the office and see what has happened during my absence.  I enjoy vacations and usually come to this part of the world at least four times a year. The pandemic kind of interrupted our schedule this past two years.  But even a few weeks away are better than none.

I believe that vacations are a way to restore the spirit and allow us to work on new ideas about how to do a better job of helping addicts grow into a new life.  

For example, we're working on a plan to create training programs that will allow TLC graduates to go out into the world and support their families.  We hope to create a curriculum that will teach them various skills.  Among the ones we're planning to include are counseling, air conditioning, phone sales, roofing and remodeling, retail sales, data entry, auto mechanics and others.  An addict with skills is less likely to return to drug use.

It's quite likely that what we plan will look different from what I'm describing here.  But sometimes the things we start at TLC turn out to be much more successful than we imagined.  Stay tuned and I'll see you all in a few days - even though part of me wants to stay here at the beach.

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