Thursday, July 1, 2021

Strange Times

When clients at TLC can't find work we usually find jobs for them to through our Labor Group.

But these days things have changed.  Since the government started giving out extra unemployment during the pandemic it's hard to find people who want to work.  The government even gives money to addicts in recovery, at least to those who had jobs before they came to us.

Who wants to work when they can get paid an extra four or five hundred to stay at home and watch television?

While the Government thinks they're helping people by paying them to stay home I think they're teaching them to be irresponsible and dependent on others.  And I believe our country is as great as it is because we all worked hard to build it - not because we sat around watching TV.

We literally have people lining up to hire our guys but most are unavailable because they have filled the jobs of those who quit working and are at home doing whatever.  So our people, even the ones with records, have no problem finding work.  And, because of this, we have a hard time finding workers for our regular employers.  However, we think that once people stop getting extra unemployment things will get back to normal for us.

It may take a few more months, which is what we're counting on.

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