Sunday, July 17, 2022

Home Again

Yesterday I arrived home from my annual week long vacation with the family in Imperial Beach, California, directly South of San Diego.  I do this every year, during the month of July.

The temperature was about 64 degrees when we left the beach. When we got out of the van at a restaurant in Yuma, Arizona we were greeted with a blast of hot air that was about 111 Degrees.  It seemed like what one might imagine to be hell.

"Ahh.." I thought, "Welcome to Arizona."

Actually the heat doesn't bother me that much.  Of course, That's because I don't work outside and when it gets too warm I just go inside an air-conditioned room.  In any event, after 40 years my body has become accustomed to the Arizona climate.  In fact, I like the heat much better than I do the cold.

The other good thing about being home is that I can get back into my business life.  I have good people taking care of things all the time.  But being close to home works better for me.

So, tomorrow, it's back to the office for a while, until my next trip which I assure you isn't far off.

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