Monday, January 10, 2022

Down with Covid

After two years of living and working in the midst of those suffering from Covid-19, I never contracted the virus.  I did adhere to CDC guidelines and get the first two shots.  Then, when it became available, I got the booster shot.

Periodically during the past two years I would get a rapid test, one that gives quick results.  But my tests were always good.  So, I was going merrily on my way, thinking I was almost immune.  In fact, during the past two years I took three trips out of the country; one to Panama and two to Mexico.

Then, last Wednesday, I came down with a mild cold in the afternoon.  Since I rarely get colds I thought it was kind of unusual and so stayed home from the office the next day.  Just spent last Thursday resting.  I had to go to the office last Friday to sign paperwork but only stayed until noon.   Last Saturday I was planning to go to work but had someone give me a rapid test to make sure my cold wasn't Covid.

Well, much to my surprise I came up positive and have quarantined myself every since.  I remember when Covid first hit and we all were on quarantine for two weeks.  That was pretty boring stuff.  It's kind of like being in a nice prison is the best analogy I can produce.

However, I look at it like an obligation to protect as many people as possible and not spread the disease further.  Fortunately, what I have feels more like a mild cold.  My temperature stays within 1-2 points of normal and I have no body aches.  I do sleep more than usual, but other than that I feel pretty okay.

Other than being quarantined.

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