Tuesday, April 26, 2022

The Rewards

Perhaps the biggest reward in life is when we can be a positive influence on others.

And I was able to witness that last Sunday when TLC celebrated its 30th anniversary.  My best guess was that at least 250 clients showed up to share in award presentations, barbeque, and desserts.  While this is an event we hold every five years, most attendees rated this one as the best of all of them.  There were actually clients who had been with us for 20 years.

While many in the community give our staff a lot of credit, the real credit goes to those who stick around and do the hard work that it takes to stay sober.  And this is especially true for those who have been addicted for many years.

For those with years of addictions it is a genuine cultural change to go into a program like ours and change their whole lives.  But our responsibility is to teach clients to live a so-called normal life.  Teach them that life has its ups and downs.  And that as long as we live we'll face challenges.

The reward comes when we see clients stay sober - and pass it on to others. 

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