Saturday, May 14, 2022


When I was a lad I remember my parents talking about their goals in life.  And one of their ultimate goals was to work until they reached 65, then retire and live on Social Security and whatever savings they'd accumulated.  Which is what they did.

But today - even though I'll soon be 83 - the last thing I think about is not working.

Recently one of my children asked when I'm going to retire and start enjoying life. And my response is always the same.  I told him that I do enjoy life.  And I asked what I'd do if I quit working?  He told me I could relax and take it easy.

But my idea of enjoying life is not loafing around.  Or sleeping late.  Or watching television.  My idea of a good life is accomplishing things, of setting goals, of managing businesses, of being productive.

I have a firm belief that if we're not physically active and using our brains, then we're deteriorating. - rusting away.

I think the biggest health problem older people have comes from them becoming inactive and unmotivated.  Now none of us are living forever.  But when we stay busy and functional we make demands on ourselves that keep us healthy and productive for a few more years.

Don't get me wrong.  I like going on vacations and trips and relaxing.  But after 10 or 12 days I start missing my home and my work routine and am ready to come home.  And that's what I do.

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