Wednesday, May 11, 2022

R.I.P Dennis

This last weekend we lost a 12-year member of our community to cancer and other medical issues.

While on one hand I'm sad to see him go, on the other I believe it was a blessing for him to pass on. And that's because he suffered a lot of pain over the past few years. His illness also seemed to affect his cognitive abilities and he at times didn't recognize those he'd known for years.

A week or two before he died his family in Missouri wanted him to come home.  And while TLC staff was making flight arrangements, his family decided they wanted to come and take him home themselves.  Which they did.

He was a good example to those of us who knew him. He continued to volunteer for several hours each day doing maintenance, right up to a few weeks before he passed.  

He was a friend to many of us.  And we're pleased that he was able to live his last years in recovery.

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