Recovery Connections

John Schwary is CEO of Transitional Living Communities, an 850-bed recovery program he founded in Mesa, Arizona January 9, 1992, when he had a year sober. He's in his 28th year of recovery.

In these posts, he views life mostly through the lenses of recovery. While the blog is factual, he often disguises events and people to protect anonymity.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Genuine Commitment

A new client was sharing at a meeting about he found his way to TLC from the East Coast.

                “I went to the TLC website and liked what I saw,” he said.  “Next thing I knew I’d sold my house and was on the Greyhound headed to Arizona.”

Some three days after boarding the bus he awakened from a slumber and looked out the window at nothing but desert.  Looking over the barren landscape he asked himself what the flip he'd been thinking by getting rid of everything and going to a state he knew nothing about.

However, a powerful motivation was to get away from family and friends – most of them addicts, alcoholics and criminals.  So he stayed on the bus and continued to his goal because he knew he could never get sober back home.

This man’s story is an example of the kind of wholehearted commitment it takes to get onto the path of  recovery. There’s little doubt that if he stays the course he’ll enjoy a clean and sober future.